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Sunday, July 13, 2008

बिजली गिरने से 5 युवा म्रृत, पिछले साल 45 थे

एक सप्ताह से भी कम समय में 5 युवा, आकाशीय बिजली गिरने से मारे गए हैं ... अमेरिका में पिछले साल 45 मौतें हुयी थीं और इस साल अब तक 16 जानें जा चुकी हैं ...

गूगल पर और भी ...

Five young lives have been ended by lightning in less than a week, a deadly reminder of one of summer's leading hazards.

The United States rang up 45 lightning deaths last year and there have been 16 so far this year.

But why so many young people in a few days? "I don't have an answer for that," Jensenius said, "It's all very sad."

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